Roughly a decade before the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock, Henry Hudson landed on the Delmarva Peninsula. He gathered what cartographical information he needed and moved on. 400 years later, this short stretch of coast remains an afterthought.

Resting at the foot of the hyper-populated Northeast, the Delmarva Peninsula sits within striking distance of three of the biggest metro-areas in the United States, yet maintains a cultural and ecological character unto itself. Pristine woodlands, marshes, bays and fertile farmland all collide with the Atlantic Ocean to form a unique geographical diaspora that acts at once as a dramatic backdrop and playground for residents who couldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

As colorful and diverse as the landscape itself, the people that comprise this area represent a range of Americana, from hearty farmers, hunters and waterman They’re drawn together by an intrinsic connection to this particular geography, in both economic and recreational terms.

Join us as we showcase species migrations through our area, techniques of harvesting, cooking wild game, and of course an in depth look into the lives of east coast pro surfers and local outdoorsman. Follow this animated group known as the backwoods crew as they wander this Delmarvalous land in search of migrating species and perfect waves during the change of seasons.


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