Aptoide iOS (iPhone/IPad) Download 2017 Updated Version

Aptoide is a quality application, which provides some of the beneficial options for users to download some of the premium applications for free of cost. Aptoide is a dead rival to Android play store, where the features are much better than Google play store and let users find more number of applications on a regular basis.

With this method you will be able to get aptoide ios no jailbreak and this aptoide ios install method gives you the games like aptoide ios minecraft. Just follow the steps mentioned below to install and download aptoide for ios iphone/ipad/ipod. If you want the aptoide download android version then you can download from link.

How to Download aptoide iPhone/iPad/iPod

In case you are looking for aptoide for iphone  plus or iphone 7/7 plus or any other iphone then this tutorial is perfect for you. The best thing is that you will get aptoide ios no survey vesion here where you not need to follow any survey.

Android phone users will have an option to download the application with the help of APK file from the internet, but Apple devices do not users to use an external file to install an application. It is possible for IOS users to use Aptoide application to download premium applications for free of cost. Unlike Android, Apple has a different rival called Cydia, where you can find Aptoide applications. It is not recommended by Apple Company to use Cydia and download the application from an insecure source, but Cydia has been recommended by a lot of users to download some of the cool applications for free of cost.

Advantages of using Aptoide application on IOS devices

Free of cost – Aptoide is a world of no money, where you get to download the Aptoide application for free of cost and download some of the other premium applications for free of cost. Aptoide lets people use more features like application file manager without charging the users, where a user can backup or store all the inactive applications in a safe place. The option lets users access the same list of application for free of cost.

Extra Applications – Users will see some options or applications for the same keyword, as people get to view some of the applications, which are usually rejected by the default application store. It is beneficial for people to have more options to download applications, as it lets them check for the right application before downloading.

You get access to all the paid or premium apps that are available on Apple store
There is a best UI interface which is very user friendly.
There is more than 60,000+ application which are part of the app store
The forum and blog support where you can discuss problems, feedback and reviews
Regular and automatic upgrade keeps things more reliable.


Aptoide ios has been a popular application for most of the mobile phone admirers, as they get to enjoy the premium applications for free of cost. Aptoide apk acts as an application file manager, which can be used from a different phone with the help of same user credentials. It is suggested by a lot of developers to use Aptoide on a regular basis to check out for some cool applications in an effective way.

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