Download and Install Lucky Patcher Apk Latest version on your Android device

Few of the actions or modification may seem unethical, but you can always use Lucky Patcher for wise use. You can run apps which on play store appears as incompatible with your phone. Lucky Patcher Apk download One can also use this app for transferring apps between smartphones and tablets which are otherwise incompatible with one or both the platforms

Lucky Patcher is an app which helps you control the permission you give to the apps on your Android device. You can create backups, delete ads and much more. For using this amazing app, you need a rooted device.

What is the rooted device, and how to do it?

Rooted device means getting root access of the phone, by gaining this access you can modify software to its core; you do not need to be a pro android developer to root your phone. There are several apps available which will root your phone in minutes; you can download apps like – TowelRoot or Kingroot.

Features of Lucky patcher apk

Imagine you are playing your favorite game and an ad pops up, spoils the fun isn’t it? Or for instance, you are playing a game along with your kid and at the bottom, you see an ad for model pics at Rs.10/- per day. Embarrassing much?

Don’t you feel there should be something that can just stop ads altogether? Well, do not worry, just install app lucky patcher your problem is solved.

Once your phone is rooted you are ready to install Lucky Patcher

How to Install Lucky Patcher?

  • Download .apk from
  • From your device settings- allow Installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings.
  • Install like all other apps
  • Once the app is installed you are free to modify the apps and permissions as per your liking

Features of Lucky Patcher

Post you install the app; you can see the list of app installed in your phone, adjacent to which you can see the status of the modification feasibility.

Lucky Patcher has done some color coding for this:

  • Green: when green color appears you can understand that the app can be registered and then disconnected from Google Play store
  • Yellow: it indicates some patch is available
  • Blue: This color indicates that the app has several Google ads
  • Purple: Purple represents that the specific app is a system startup app
  • Orange: A system app.
  • Red: no modification possible.

There is another .apk available for not root phone, but maximum features will be available on rooted phone only.


The app is not totally perfect and may not have patches for new games, but will work mostly on famous apps. Although this app can make you addictive to making changes and fool your friends, it should be noted that the app is meant for having fun and not to promote unethical actions. So be sure you are only doing necessary tweaks and enjoying your device to its fullest.

You have any crazy stories post you download lucky patcher, we are glad to hear on the same.

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